Man gets caught with custom-built gas-stealing truck

With gas prices exceeding $4 per gallon, it's no surprise that fuel stealing is on the rise. What's amazing is the lengths to which thieves are willing to go to swindle the pricey commodity in larger-than-normal quantities. An Orlando man was recently arrested for having a hidden, professionally welded 800-gallon gas tank retrofitted to a Ford truck that police say was expressly used for stealing petrol. The man also had a key that disables pump meters, which should scare the hell out of gas station owners.

He was caught after a Hess gas station attendant became suspicious of the inordinate amount of time he was spending pump-side and called the police. Law enforcement officials say that due to the elaborate setup of the gas-stealing truck and the theif's possession of the pump meter-disabling key, he is likely one part of a larger gas-stealing syndicate that resells the fuel for profit. It isn't surprising that some unscrupulous folks would be attracted to the possibility of netting $3,200 in about a half hour, but since they are going to so much trouble to remain undetected, you'd think they wouldn't try to steal all the gas at once. Thanks for the tip, Eric!

[Source: Local6]

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