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Need a good-news story? Here it is: 99-cent gas

One gas station's way of giving back — and quickly selling out

Why it's so hard to give up gasoline

Convenience, and convenience stores

Convenience, and convenience stores.

Tesla may add more chargers at Sheetz gas stations

Sheetz's 400-plus gas stations offer ample deployment expansion potential for Tesla.

Tesla may partner with gas-station operator Sheetz on deploying more charging stations.

Gas station attendant smashes customer's taillights

A California woman filmed a strange altercation at a Lancaster gas station when an employee smashed out the taillights of a customer's pick-up for taking too long at a pump.

World's first solar-powered gas station comes to Australian Outback

If only they'd had this in Mad Max.

An Australian company has built two solar-powered diesel refueling stations in the remote outback to make sure drivers always have access to fuel.

Woman in Russia lights car on fire at gas station

A woman pumping gas in Russia accidentally lit her car on fire while holding a lighter to her fuel tank.

Gas prices haven't been this low since 2007

Midwestern Drivers Are Getting The Best Deals

Gasoline prices are down about 35 percent in the past year, while diesel prices have plunged almost 50 percent.

Vancouver gas pumps to warn drivers about climate change

An ordinance in North Vancouver, Canada, mandates climate change warnings on gas pumps to give people something to think about while they fill up their tank.

Man ignites gas pump trying to kill a spider

A man in Michigan became the butt of many jokes after he lit a gas pump on fire while trying to kill a spider last week.

All gas stations in Russia will have to install EV charging stations

But Loophole Could Mean These Chargers Aren't As Useful As They Could Be

Russia is mandating every gas station to offer an electric car charger by November 1, 2016. However, the rule seems easy to circumvent and might not bring much of a boost to the country's dismal EV sales.

Shell starts selling super-premium gasoline

Shell is launching a new gasoline option called V-Power Nitro+ Premium. The company claims that the fuel can protect engine and fuel system components better than others.

Woman denied cigarette, lights car on fire at gas station

Video captured at a gas station in Jerusalem shows a woman starting a fire after a motorist filling up his Suzuki Splash refused to give her a cigarette.

Detroit carjackings down 31 percent, still 3x NYC with tenth of population

Detroit has a serious problem with carjackings. Even with police programs improving matters, there's still bad news about the numbers for the citizens of the Motor City.

Porsche 918 Spyder burns to ground in gas station conflagration

There's one fewer Porsche 918 Spyder zipping along the roads of Toronto, Canada, today. A fire at a gas station over the weekend claimed one of the hybrid supercars in a massive blaze, and a portion of the inferno was caught on video.

Gas Station Clerk Uses Martial Arts To Fight Thieves

Five time champ knocked robber out cold

Thieves trying to rob a gas station attendant in Huston, Texas, didn't count on one thing: a clerk with five Mixed Martial Arts championships under his belt.

Michigan Gas Station Offers Classic Prices For Classic Cars

Classic car owners filled up thier tanks for the same price they would have the year their car was built

A Mobile gas station in Birmingham, Mich., in the heart of classic car country, offered up gas at classic prices for classic car owners in honor of National Collector Car Appreciation Day.

Is Detroit becoming 'Carjack City'? [w/video]

You know things are getting ridiculous with Detroit when Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers (!), is talking you-know-what about the Detroit Pistons. Now a story from the Associated Press piles on, declaring Detroiters "under siege in 'Carjack City.'" The nickname doesn't refer to the entire Detroit area, just "parts of the bankrupt metropolis,"

Gas Station Fills Customers' Tanks With Water

Woman charged $3,000 for replacement parts

A woman in New Jersey is fighting to have her car repaired after she filled up her tank with what turned out to be tainted gasoline.

100th anniversary of first gas station in US gives RFA a chance to tout ethanol

December 1st marked the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first gas station in the US. It's an interesting anniversary, and ethanol advocates are using the occasion to tout the advantages of corn-based fuel, Domestic Fuel reports. The Renewable Fuels Association says Americans can save as much as a dollar a gallon using ethanol and about 65 cents a gallon

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