GM may not break up with Big Oil on TV after all

Well, that breakup didn't last long. It seems that GM is looking to get back together even before it parted ways with Big Oil. We wonder, however, just how apt Big Oil will be to take GM back. Remember, it was just the other day that the General decided to bolster its green credentials by announcing the split would take place in an upcoming TV commercial. According to GM spokeswoman Kelly Cusinato, though, GM's marketing department is still tweaking the television spot, and might choose not to run it at all. The commercial was expected to air this weekend and possibly appear afterwards on Discovery's newly launched eco-friendly channel, Planet Green.

Perhaps GM's corporate marketing Director Katherine Benoit didn't realize how big of a story this would turn out to be. The Chevy Volt is still a few years away and GM's going to need to sell more SUVs until then, so perhaps the Dear John letter was a wee bit premature.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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