Obama promises more meetings with automakers if president

Barack Obama has been less than friendly with Detroit automakers in the past, but he's promised to meet with them both during his campaign and afterwards if he makes it into the Oval Office. The presumed Democratic nominee told a crowd in Flint, MI that he would meet with executives to discuss how "we're going to build the cars of the future right here in Michigan." Obama also criticized President Bush not meeting with automakers until his sixth year in office, which actually isn't true. President Bush met with automakers in 2003, though his second meeting with industry execs was delayed several times in 2006.

Obama has also promised to deliver $150 billion in funding over 10 years and 5 million jobs in the "green sector." Some of the money is being promised to automakers to retool older plants for plug-in electric vehicle production, which would be welcome news to the financially struggling automakers. It's typical of politicians to promise the moon and stars while on the stump, so we're sure automakers are listening with a skeptical ear and taking notes. Time will tell if actions will take the place of words.

[Source: The Detroit News, Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty]

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