Watch "A Crazy Dream" about Steve Titus' SolarBug homebrew electric car

SolarBug models old (right) and new.

It's been a bit over a half year since we last checked in with the pride of Bozeman, Montana - Steve Titus and his SolarBug electric car. A quick refresher: this homemade electric vehicle takes and ATV, encloses it and slaps on some solar panels. OK, it's not nearly that simple, and Titus has been hard at work for a long time on this project and hopes to one day sell a lot of these vehicles as people learn new ways of driving (i.e., in smaller cars). For now, the SolarBug is taking a toll on his family, but this "hobby gone awry" is not yet finished. Luckily, Titus is still energetic about the SolarBug, as a new video called A Crazy Dream shows. Produced by students at Montana State University there in Bozeman, the video is an uplifting two-and-a-half-minutes about Titus' vision. Interest in the SolarBug is not limited to one person. As fellow Bozeman resident Gary R. wrote in to AutoblogGreen, "We are very proud of Steve's effort here in Bozeman!!" Watch the video after the break and, if you're interested in getting one of these critters when they go on sale, download the brochure (PDF) or check out the SolarBug website.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: Freedrive EV, thanks to Gary for the tip!]

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