More on Steve Titus' new Solar Bug - price revealed, along with high-res photos

As promised, we got in touch with Steve Titus, the maker of the Solar Bug. We had a question about the price of the updated version of this all-electric modified ATV with a solar boost. Titus wrote back and said:

We did increase the price to $15,000, but along with that comes a 10 fold increase in solar panel performance and a range that should be about doubled from the prototype. The price increase is due in part because we are hand crafting them in Bozeman, Montana and we are not getting volume discounts yet.

Titus also sent in some high-resolution images for our readers, for which we are grateful. You can kind of see it in the picture above, but if you click on the photo and enlarge it, you can easily spot that the Solar Bug Version 1 includes a sticker of Version 2 on the side. Nice. There is more information at the links below and on the Solar Bug website.

[Source: Steve Titus / Solar Bug]

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