Ultra Motor takes you from A2B

Somewhere between a normal pedal-powered bicycle and an electric scooter lies a class of vehicle which keeps the ability to pedal and adds some assisted power via a small battery pack. This new generation of vehicle is just as useful as the good old moped, except that the electric motor is free of pollution, which is something that most certainly cannot be said of the older two-stroke 'peds and even the newest four-strokers.

Ultra Motor has a new machine on the market known as the A2B which fits nicely into this category. Using a small electric motor integrated into the hub, the machine retains the look and feel of a normal bicycle. Constructed of aluminum, the full-suspension electric vehicle features a small lithium ion battery and is capable of traveling up to twenty miles on electricity alone. A second battery can be added, doubling the range. Of course, pedaling increases the miles between charges to as far as your legs can take you.

[Source: Ultra Motor via Hell For Leather]

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