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Two Wheels
Bolt M-1 electric moped gets going on Indiegogo

The Bolt M-1 looks well on its way to production after a great beginning day on Indiegogo crowdfunding site.

Juicer 3kW concept is a more powerful California custom cruiser

Don't Call It An E-Bike, It's A Motorbicycle

The new 3kW concept from Juicer Electric Motorbicycles is designed to lure in partners, as well as customers.

Two Wheels
Bolt Motorbikes reimagines the moped with electric results [w/video]

The Bolt M-1 Isn't Your Weird Uncle's Moped

Does the mere thought of a modern moped make you chuckle? Maybe cringe? Boasting battery power and bluetooth, the Bolt M-1 might just change your perception of the long scorned, idiosyncratic two-wheeler.

Bultaco returns with new offroad electric bike

Spanish motorcycle brand Bultaco is back on the scene with its latest electric cycle. The Brinco is an electrically assisted moped made to traverse rough roads, with disc brakes and lots of suspension travel at the front and rear. Its four-horsepower motor can go about 19 miles on a charge or, you can start pedaling.

Yogo scooter can be charged indoors, spare battery goes along for the ride

A British company called Econogo has released the Yogo scooter, but don't confuse it with the Yugo car. This little scooter has a couple of unique aspects. For example, the Yogo scooter can be charged indoors. How? By removing the 25-pound (!) lithium-iron phosphate battery and taking it to your charging location of choice while your much-loved scooter sits curbside. The simple task of running a cord to the scooter is so last year.

Ultra Motor takes you from A2B

Somewhere between a normal pedal-powered bicycle and an electric scooter lies a class of vehicle which keeps the ability to pedal and adds some assisted power via a small battery pack. This new generation of vehicle is just as useful as the good old moped, except that the electric motor is free of pollution, which is something that most certainly cannot be said of the older two-stroke 'peds and even the newest four-strokers.

New Honda patent reveals that they are working on electric scooters too

I swear, The Scooter Scoop and their super-astute reader named Dudel are on fire when it comes to new electric happenings on two wheels. Yesterday, we showed you the Piaggio electric moped which allows pedaling in addition to electric wheel motors in the front and rear wheels. Now, it seems that Honda is getting in the Jeremy Korzeniewski

Piaggio files patent for a two-wheel-drive electric moped

Piaggio has gone a slightly different route with their newest moped design. In fact, they have taken two different routes; the machine includes electric motors in both the front and rear wheels. Piaggio and their wholly-owned Vespa have produced mopeds and sold them in America before, but not for many years. After recently seeing success bringing their scooter models back to America and helping to kick-start the scooter scene again, is it time for them to attempt the same with the humble moped?