Photoshop of the Day: Flying high with a Vectrix scooter

Click above for two shots of the stunting Vectrix

Being big fans of electric vehicles in general, the Vectrix scooter is high on our lists of cool transportation options. Sure, the two-wheeled form factor won't work for everybody, but for those who can make the switch, the Vectrix scooter probably has the lowest cost of entry of any highway-capable zero emission vehicle available. A certain auto executive by the name of Bob Lutz has found the Vectrix to be a cool little machine for getting around town with it , though we doubt he'll be doing too much stunting with his. We're not going to suggest that the Vectrix, with its top speed up around sixty miles per hour, isn't capable of catching some air. Still, something tells us that the pictures you see here were created with a bit of Photoshop trickery. If we happen to be wrong about the photos, somebody has some guts, as the all electric scooter isn't really all that cheap.

[Source: The Biker Gene]

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