GM launches big incentives on hybrid SUVs

Click the Tahoe hybrid for a high-res gallery

To go along with the advertising push that General Motors is planning on for its large hybrid SUVs is news that the automaker will increase incentives on its largest models, including its full-size hybrids for the first time ever. Current owners of a General Motors vehicle will get the largest savings, with as much as $6,000 off the price of non-hybrid Cadillac Escalades, Chevy Tahoes and GMC Yukons. Hybrid versions get a bit less off the top, coming in with $4,000 in total savings. Full-size pickups get in on the incentive game too with combined savings of up to $5,000.

Not long ago, General Motors announced that it would be cutting production of its pickup trucks and SUVs to be more in line with consumer demand. Four plants will be closed and the Hummer brand may even be put up for sale. GM is not the only automaker being hit by the slow truck market, as Ford and Dodge have trotted out incentives to move units as well. Honda, Toyota and Nissan have all shifted production from trucks to cars where possible.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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