Vibering concept protects blind from those silent killers called hybrids

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Cars can be dangerous objects, there's no doubt about it. While the most obvious danger is definitely an accident while driving, there are other ways your car could kill you. Exhaust from gasoline vehicles is very dangerous, and diesel soot can get lodged on your brain, so we advise against its inhalation whenever possible. But don't let those environmentally friendly hybrids and electric cars fool you... they can be silent killers, too. There have been many ideas thrown around in an effort to make hybrid vehicles safer for blind people who may have a hard time hearing the stealthy vehicles approach. Some of these ideas are better than others. Take, for instance, the Vibering concept, which is able to sense approaching doom by listening for key sounds made by a car like the Prius or other hybrid model. When worn in conjunction with its companion watch, the Vibering listens and alerts its wearer whenever a vehicle may be coming and how far it is from making impending contact. We're not sure what technology it's using to "listen" for identifying sounds, but the idea is solid. Imagine a government mandate that required all hybrids to emit an inaudible sound that could be detected by seeing eye dogs or a device worn on the wrist.

[Source: Yanko Design via Jalopnik]

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