Porsche going way down market with VW Golf-based hatchback?

The issues that Porsche has had with legislation which would require it to meet the same strict fuel efficiency and emissions goals as economy car makers has been well documented. While Lamborghini has apparently decided that it should get a free pass considering how few vehicles it sells, Porsche would have a tough time with that argument now that it competes in so many market segments and makes so much profit. So, what options could the German purveyor of fine automobiles have to meet the demands of the governments? How about Porsche-fying smaller, more efficient vehicles from other manufacturers under the same umbrella? According to German mag Autobild, that may be exactly what Porsche is considering. Based on a Volkswagen Golf, the new Porsche hatchback would reportedly be ready for the 2012 model year. Perhaps a Porsche-tuned version of the Scirocco would be a better option. Remember, though, that VW and Porsche have worked together on other models in the past. We have no idea if this rumor is even remotely accurate, but we can hear the cries coming from Porsche-lovers already.

[Source: Motive Forums via German Car Blog]

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