Northside Choppers debuts "Hot Box" kit to run E85 in V-Twins

Northside Choppers has announced new product called the "Hot Box," a computer system that plugs into the existing wiring harness and allows the use of gasoline, ethanol or any mixture of the two on nearly any fuel injected V-Twin motorcycle. According to the company, ECU connectors and fuel injectors are included in the kit, besides the box itself. No wire splicing or soldering is necessary. We are not certain what other components will be required to complete the conversion, but it's likely that the actual requirements will vary depending on the motorcycle. Fuel lines may need to be changed to alcohol-compatible pieces for proper operation.

Besides the ability to use renewable fuels, the Hot Box will allow a horsepower increase of up to twenty percent when running on ethanol. Fuel mileage, though, will likely suffer somewhat, though in some areas that could be offset by the lower cost of E85 fuel.

[Source: Northside Choppers]

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