Honda goes to the dogs

Click the photo above for fur friendly Honda images.

Many folks consult their best friend before making a big purchase. Since the dog is known as man's best friend, owners tend to cater towards their pets when buying a new car. In the United States, that means dog lovers often end up with trucks, SUVs or crossovers. However, in Japan, efficient use of space is a bit more of a priority. That is why Honda Japan developed the Honda Dog website. It all started with the Honda Vamos Dog Edition, but has since expanded to include other offerings. While the site features Honda's pet friendly accessories such as strap-in carriers and mats, it also shows how easily your Corgi will fit into your Fit.

Honda Dog touches upon all dog owner concerns. There are pictures showing how you can arrange pet crates in a variety of Honda vehicles. It even provides dimensions on the best entryway for your small to full-size tongue-wagger. Worried about all that pet hair or soggy dog odor? Honda Dog contains analysis on the ease of pet hair cleanup from vehicle interiors. It also indicates how Honda's advanced deodorization filter can reduce allergens and undesired smells. For some reason, the site even finds it necessary to point out how toys and water bottles fit nicely into the interior compartments such as the glove box, in case you couldn't figure it out for yourself. View the gallery to see a sampling of what Honda Dog has to offer.

[Source: Honda Dog]

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