Japan: Honda Vamos intros special package for man's best amigo

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Honda has come up with a special edition vehicle that combines my fascination with all things kei with my love for our canine friends. It's all uniquely Japanese of course, which makes it even better. Seriously, stuff like this is the reason I keep an eye on JDM happenings. Getting to the point, I'm referring to the newly released Honda Vamos Travel Dog edition.

The Vamos, for those of you unfamiliar with Honda's home-market offerings, is a kei-class minivan (that incidentally can be made to look unbelievably cool with aftermarket help). The Travel Dog edition equips it with several features that make it easier to accommodate your furry best friends when they're along for the ride.

What's it consist of? Follow the jump for more.

[Source: Honda Japan]

The Travel Dog package nets drivers eponymous decals on the rear quarters and tailgate, wipeable mats for the rear cargo floor and second-row seatbacks (if you have dogs, you understand how key this is), water-repellent and odor-resistant seat/door panel upholstery, a removable pet seatcover for the back seat, antibacterial and tick-resistant floormats (complete with pawprint pattern), and even a little travel tote for Rover's gear and snacks.

Only in Japan, folks. I await Mitsubishi's response. How about a full-on Hello Kitty cat-lover's edition Delica D:5 -- complete with litter box, cat trees, catnip tray -- the works. Let the JDM animal-car war begin!

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