Honda motorcycles to get Variable Cylinder Management and more

Honda has been producing V6 engines with Variable Cylinder Management for their line of automobiles and minivans for the past few years. Consumers can see a fuel savings of around ten percent when the engine is allowed to switch between six, four or even just three of its cylinders. According to Honda President and CEO Takeo Fukui, the company has plans to begin introducing its Variable Cylinder Management technology to its line of motorcycles beginning in 2010. Another possible fuel and emissions-savings technology will appear on every one of its bikes at the end of that same year in the form of Programmed Fuel Injection. No Honda motorcycles will be equipped with old-school carburetors any longer. Honda has been producing motorcycles with its VTEC system for some time now.

Expect to see safety innovations such as electronically-controlled combined ABS, which will use computers to link the front and rear brakes, along with airbags on some models.

[Source: Faster and Faster]

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