Jaguar/Land Rover close to naming new CEO

Still mourning the untimely passing of CEO Geoff Polites, Jaguar and Land Rover have been managed in the interim by chief financial officer David Smith. But as the British automakers transition ownership from Ford to Indian automaker Tata, the twin companies are preparing to name a new chief executive.

Since initially announcing the deal, Tata has reiterated that it wanted to retain as much of the current management as possible. However, many of the jobs that were once managed by Ford and its Premier Auto Group, under which Jaguar and Land Rover fell, will need to be filled. As a result, the automakers are reportedly recruiting externally for several senior positions. Whether Tata ultimately decides to promote from within or hire a new chief executive from outside the company remains to be seen, but an announcement is expected as early as June 2.

[Source: Automotive News Europe – sub. req'd]

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