Honda building up to big sequel for famous "Cog" commercial

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Honda's famous "Cog" commercial proved that the process of making something cool is often more interesting than the cool thing itself. The Japanese automaker is going to try and wow our socks off again with a new commercial coming in June for the launch of the redesigned European Honda Accord (the same vehicle launched in the original "Cog" commercial), and in advance of its debut will be airing four short teaser ads.

The teaser ads will document the process of Honda's endeavor, called "Difficult is Worth Doing" (it has its own blog), and chronicle five days of shooting at The Perris Skydive Centre in California. That's right, we know the final commercial will involve 45 of the world's best sky divers doing some of the most complicated aerial formations ever attempted, but that's about it.

The teaser ads are being aired unbranded, so viewers won't actually know that Honda's behind them or that they're meant to promote the new Honda Accord in Europe until the final commercial is unveiled. The first teaser reveals that it's all got something to do with building a teapot, so our guess is that these 45 skydivers will be creating a three-dimensional tea pot thousands of feet in the air while plummeting towards Earth at 120 mph. We'll have to wait until June to see if we're right, but until then you can check out all three teasers, including three that haven't aired on television yet, and the original "Cog" commercial after the jump.

[Source: Honda]

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