Suzuki Crosscage is now a runner

Click on the image for more shots of the Suzuki Crosscage in action

We've been keeping tabs on Suzuki's innovative Crosscage concept bike since its debut at the last Tokyo Auto Show. Since then, Suzuki and Intelligent Energy, makers of the fuel cell ENV bike and the fuel cell powering the Crosscage, have been working hard on making this vehicle workable. It's apparently paid dividends, as you can see from the pictures of the bike in operation. From what we can tell, this machine is, in fact, fully operational and is running on electricity. Even exotic parts such as the single-sided front fork and rear swingarm are present and accounted for on the running version of the prototype. Very thin-section tires are used for their low rolling resistance, which should translate into extended range. The seat features an innovative flip-up action, allowing the hydrogen tank to be refilled. There is a full digital dash atop the bars including a tachometer and speedometer. We're rather surprised that this bike has gotten so far in the design stage in such short order. Keep up the good work, Suzuki!

[Source: Solo Moto via Hell For Leather]

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