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Tokyo Preview: Suzuki Crosscage and Biplane concepts

Suzuki is planning on sending a few concept motorcycles to the Tokyo Motor Show. One of those, the Biplane, has gotten some attention over at Autoblog. We thought that the Crosscage would be better suited to our green-minded readers, as it comes equipped with a fuel cell and lithium ion batteries. No gasoline engine appears to be present. Take a minute and read the press release past the break. Sea bass... uh, I mean Suzuki appears to be using the fuel cell technology from Intelligent Energy, makers of the ENV bike. It looks like the hydrogen may be stored directly in the center of the frame, right where the two intersecting tubes of the frame come together. That would leave plenty of room in the area normally reserved for the gas-tank of a normal motorcycle for the batteries. This is really just conjecture at this point, though, so we'll have to wait until we hear some English press releases to be sure exactly what is going on inside this cool-looking bike.

Besides the fact that the bike is powered by a fuel cell and batteries, the bike looks pretty sporty. Considering the reputation that Suzuki has earned with their GSXR series of bikes, that should not be a shocker to anybody. What is rather interesting, though, are the suspension systems on the bike. That front fork looks suitably high-tech, being single-sided along with the rear swingarm. We're not counting on ever seeing this bike in production form, but it's still an awesome design.

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[Source: Suzuki]

PRESS RELEASE (Translated):
Exhibition summary of 40th Tokyo motor show 2007

Suzuki Crosscage

It is the fuel cell car which can do optimum power control by combining the air cooled fuel cell system and the advanced accumulator of simple small size light weight. Starting which fuel economy efficiency is fast low, the intelligent energy corporation of feature (England) make adopted the thing to fuel cell unit, in addition it was safe in the accumulator and the lithium ion electric battery whose environmental load is low was adopted. Not only not applying load, being simple in terrestrial environment, from the fact that it is small size lightweight, it has contributed to also the actualization of the sporty style which the sea bass seems.

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