Greenpeace builds Cayenne and M-Class bulldozers for some reason or another

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Running diesel vehicles on biofuels is a good thing, right? Not always, according to Greenpeace Argentina. It seems that the export of soybeans from Argentina is causing more pollution than was initially estimated. Also, too much of Argentina's native forests are being mowed down for the soybeans. These issues are in stark contrast with two of Greenpeace's stated charters: (1) catalyzing an energy revolution to address the number one threat facing our planet: climate change and (2) supporting sustainable agriculture by encouraging socially and ecologically responsible farming practices.

No Greenpeace protest would be complete without some sort of outlandish stunt, and this one follows suit. Because most of the Argentinian biodiesel goes to Germany, a Mercedes-Benz M-Class and a Porsche Cayenne were made to look like bulldozers by men and women wielding German flags. The two SUV's were surrounded by fake tree stumps. Once again, Greenpeace has done an admirable job of catching plenty of attention. Whether the group's wacky efforts have any effect, though, is another matter entirely.

[Source: Argentina Auto Blog - translated]

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