Ghosn: Nissan committed to becoming a "global leader" in affordable EVs

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According to Nissan and Renault head Carlos Ghosn, Nissan has plans to become a global leader in affordable electric vehicles. Citing rising oil costs and environmental issues, especially in emerging markets, Ghosn is quoted as suggesting that it was a "very easy" decision when it comes to justifying Nissan's commitment to zero-emission vehicles. Ghosn says, "We are looking at a future of permanently high energy costs." He goes on, "That is why in our opinion it is time for zero-emissions cars, those that will be completely neutral to the environment." While much of Nissan's planned growth centers around emerging markets - oh, and the Middle East - those electric vehicles will most likely be offered here in the States as well, starting in 2011.

Don't hold your breath for fuel cells, biofuel vehicles or more hybrids from Nissan, though. Nissan has partnered with NEC for the development of large-scale automotive batteries and believes that fully-electric vehicles are the way to go.

[Source: Autocar]

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