For now, these are the Top Ten Automotive X entrants

New York's mayor Bloomberg standing by the Hybrid X.

We're a long way from determining the winner - if there ever is one - in the Progressive Automotive X Prize. I mean, the race only got started (officially) at this year's New York Auto Show. Still, there are 64 teams that have signed a "letter of intent" to participate in the contest and Popular Mechanics thought it was time to rank the top ten teams, the ones that PM thinks have the best chance to win.

So, who does PM name as the ten best teams? Well, the Philly high school team is on the list (their Hybrid X is pictured above), as are Aptera and Loremo and Tesla Motors and six other teams that will be very familiar to regular AutoblogGreen readers. For now, these nine teams are all solid choices. Wait, nine? Yeah, I'm not convinced that PM is right to add Hybrid Technologies to the Top Ten. Hybrid Technologies is having troubles selling the vehicles they have now (even with reduced prices). PM says that Hybrid Technologies "has already made the 100-mile-per-charge dream a reality" and has "real-world experience in development, marketing and manufacturing." Well, sure, but that didn't make the PT Cruiser taxi a success. Check out PM's list for yourself.

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