Hybrid Technologies slashes prices for 2008!

If you've had a hankering for a full battery electric version of a MINI, PT Cruiser, Smart ForTwo or Toyota Yaris, the price tag just got a little more manageable. Lost Wages-based Hybrid Technologies has been doing EV conversions for a while now and apparently the cost of their lithium ion batteries has come down significantly so they are passing on the savings to the customer. Of course, this is no way meant to imply that any of their cars are inexpensive or affordable to the average consumer. The lineup now starts with an electrified Yaris at a mere $39,500. The battery-powered PT Cruiser has been slashed by $10,000 to a slightly less ridiculous $55,000. The MINI Cooper tops out the lineup at $57,500. If those price tags have not dissuaded you, you can check out the company and even place your order at the company's website.

[Source: Hybrid Technologies, thanks to Nick for the tip]

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