Missouri biodiesel uprising debates state's B5 madate

Photo by Kopper. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Missouri has its fair share of complicated biodiesel relationships. On the one hand, there is the side that's against the biofuel. On the other, hand we have the state's push for a biodiesel mandate of five percent. As part of that push, fifty "agricultural economists, truck drivers and petroleum specialists" (as described by KOMU) spoke about the state's B5 mandate yesterday. While some see the environmental and economic benefits of using B5, others who spoke at Holt's Summit said the mandate was unfair. One complaint is that the biofuel only gets blended in if biodiesel is cheaper than standard petroleum diesel. One reason to pay special attention to the Missouri case is that it would match the highest biodiesel mandate in the country, if implemented.

[Source: KOMU]

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