New biodiesel laws in Missouri and South Dakota

Photo by Skidrd. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Two small updates today on the status of biodiesel in the U.S.

First, Missouri is looking at setting a biodiesel mandate of five percent, which could match the highest biodiesel mandate in the country. New Mexico will be B5 by 2012 and four other states have B2 mandates. The Missouri bill passed the first preliminary approval hurdle this week and now needs to be voted on in the state House and Senate before moving forward.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota, the Governor has signed into law a piece of legislation that drops the tax on diesel fuel by two cents a gallon if it contains at least five percent biodiesel blended in. But don't start counting your pennies just yet; the law only kicks in once South Dakota can make at least 20 million gallons of the biofuel a year.

[Source: AP, Energy Current]

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