Harley-Davidson gets into product placement in new Indiana Jones flick

Click on the image for more shots of Indiana's Harley-Davidson

It seems that the marketing folks at Harley-Davidson have managed to get a bit of product placement for themselves, following the likes of Audi with Iron Man, Volkswagen with The Bourne Ultimatum and GM with Transformers. The new Indiana Jones movie, titled 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull' features both Harrison Ford and Shia The Le Beouf riding what appears at first glance to be an old Harley. Upon closer inspection, the bike is actually a new model, complete with fuel injection and Harley's new six-speed transmission. The movie-crew manages to make the bike look much older by using parts from older machines, such as the old Sportster tank and pre-war "beehive" tail light. Look real close and you may even notice the fake kick-starter which must just be welded to the frame.

As a celebration of the upcoming movie's use of the bike, every Harley dealership will reportedly get the chance to order 30 pairs of free tickets to the movie to be given away as a promotion to customers.

[Source: Cyril Huze Blog, Harrison Ford Web]

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