Electric Super Seven from Evisol Thorr offers high power and light weight

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If a company set out to develop an electric sportscar, the Lotus 7 (or one of its various replicas) would be a good place to start. Considering that the main ethos of the vehicle is light weight, relatively heavy components like the battery aren't going to kill performance. Using a Siemens AC motor which is capable of a heady 272 horsepower and weighing in at 1,664 pounds, we don't think that the acceleration will suffer too much. The battery is made up of 196 Kokam lithium polymer cells and has a capacity of 29 kWh. Find all of the specifications here.

The Thorr electric car is created by Evisol, which also offers electric drive parts and batteries separate from any vehicles. In a flattering twist, you'll find all of our AutoblogGreen posts under the Automotive News section of Thorr's website, meaning that some sort of cray paradox is likely to take place when this particular posting appears on their website. Watch the video pasted after the break.

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[Source: Thorr, Evisol via Autoblog]

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