Volkswagen of America launches Responsible Mobility micro-site

Heading into Earth Day, Volkswagen of America has launched a new micro-site called Volkswagen Responsible Mobility that is dedicated to, well, responsible mobility. The premise of the site, which covers all the VW brands available in the U.S., is to promote all the various alternative drive and fuel technologies that Volkswagen is developing. Diesel is obviously a big emphasis for the company that pioneered turbocharged direct injected diesel engines. Volkswagen is also heavily involved in developing a second generation bio-diesel called SunFuel made from cellulosic biomass. The automaker has invested in German biofuel developer Choren. Another page of the site focuses on future technologies like high-temperature fuel cells, hybrids and weight reducing materials like aluminum and composites.
The site seems to hit all the right messages, now we just need to get some of those technologies on the road here in the U.S. and elsewhere. The Jetta TDI is launching this summer with the Touareg to follow. So far though there is no firm indication of when a hybrid will arrive or if we'll get any of the BlueMotion models now available (or not) in Europe. The site also features the logos of Lamborghini, Bugatti and Bentley. Bentley earlier this year announced their intent to cut CO2 emissions of their fleet by 15 percent by 2012 but so far there aren't any details of how that will come about. Lambo and Bugatti? Nothing to report there either.

[Source: Volkswagen Responsible Mobility]

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