Jeep Commander could meet its demise in 2009

According to Bloomberg, the demise of the Jeep Commander is but a year away. Anonymous sources inside Chrysler told the news service that with a 43-percent decline this year, which follows declines every year since its first full year on the market, the Commander is surrendering its command.

The SUV's end was claimed to be due to gas prices, since a V8 Commander averages about 17 MPG. However, exorbitant (for America) gas prices haven't killed a number of other vehicles that don't even do that well, so that reasoning makes us wonder. What makes more sense is that in addition to the sales plunge, the Commander was stealing an unexpectedly high number of sales from the Grand Cherokee. In a cozy pool, every little bit of water counts.

If it's true, we have to admit we're sorry the Commander is going away. Some people have taken its boxy simplicity for blah-what-boredom, but it was just the kind of Jeep we like: straightforward, capable, roomy (no, we never put seven people in it), and a solid driver. Obviously we don't speak for the masses, but Commander, you will be missed.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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