VW Rabbit is the new top-researched car on Gaywheels.com

This quarter, the Volkswagen Rabbit knocks the Toyota Yaris out of the top spot on Gaywheels.com's list of top-researched cars. The Yaris, which had hung on to the numero uno spot for the last twelve months, dropped to third place as the VeeDub managed to snag the second spot as well with the hardtop-convertible Eos, which is also a chick car. Making their first appearances on the list are the Volvo C30 at number nine and the Mazda 3 at the tenth spot.
Interestingly, Joe LaMuraglia from Gaywheels.com points out, "60% of the vehicles on the most-researched list are hatchbacks and four of those six have a MSRP starting at under $16K." You'll also see that the entire list, which is available after the jump, is populated with gas-sippers.

Note too that each vehicle on the Most-Researched list is offered by a gay-friendly brand -- based on corporate policies for offering domestic-partner benefits to employees in the U.S.

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[Source: Gaywheels.com]
The top ten most researched cars on Gaywheels.com:

  1. Volkswagen Rabbit
  2. Volkswagen Eos
  3. Toyota Yaris
  4. Mazda MX-5 Miata
  5. Audi A3
  6. Volkswagen Jetta
  7. Saab 9-3
  8. Dodge Caliber
  9. Volvo C30
  10. Mazda Mazda3

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