Mary Nichols talks CARB's waiver request, the ZEV mandate and more

The big news from the California Air Resources Board in recent weeks was the decision to cut the ZEV mandate by 70 percent. Following a speech at the National Hydrogen Association conference in Sacramento recently, CARB chairperson Mary Nichols sat down with Carlist's Lou Ann Hammond for an interview about the decision and related topics. Hammond has broken the interview into four short video segments, some of which feature segments of the speech (and Q&A).
If you're interested in where California, America's leader in green car legislation, stands these days with state rules and how CARB is managing to "piss everyone off" (as someone told Hammond, something that Hammond figures means that everyone is compromising) while trying to make progress, give these videos a viewing. They're each around 3-5 minutes long.

[Source: Carlist]

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