Dodge's Journey will make all your dreams come true

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According to the sprawling press release pasted after the break, Dodge is planning their largest ever digital marketing push to accompany the launch of its new Journey CUV. "The campaign ties consumers to the new Dodge Journey emotionally by helping them realize their dreams, then drives them to action," according to Dodge's Senior manager of Communications, Mark Spencer. While we recognize the Journey as a credible entry into the crowded CUV segment, we don't feel any special emotional attachment to it, nor are we sure that it'll be making people's dreams come true -- unless they were dreaming for a price break on their next vehicle purchase. Still, for those who sit at the I'll-never-own-a-minivan table, the Journey offers a nice option, with lots of clever storage solutions, save the poorly placed sat nav.

Dodge's dreamy Journey strategy is closely related to Chrysler's new "If you can dream it, we can build it" campaign, which will debut on April 14.

[Source: Chrysler]

Press Release:

Dreams Come True in New 2009 Dodge Journey Advertising Campaign

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., April 7, 2008 -- When the Dodge brand
launches the marketing campaign for its first crossover vehicle, the
all-new 2009 Dodge Journey, on April 8, it will feature one of the largest
digital launch strategies in Chrysler LLC history.

The campaign, which will introduce the new theme line "If you can dream
it, do it," focuses on the Dodge Journey's unique combination of innovative
features, versatility and flexibility all available at a great value that
can help turn dreams into reality.

"The campaign ties consumers to the new Dodge Journey emotionally by
helping them realize their dreams, then drives them to action," said Mark
Spencer, Senior Manager - Dodge Communications. "Wherever potential owners
go -- online, in print, on television, at events -- we will show them how
the Journey can help them live a bigger life with a focus on the class
exclusive features and the best value in the segment."

With nearly one third of the media mix (29 percent) for Journey
dedicated to interactive, Dodge will find and connect directly with
shoppers through online activity by delivering targeted messages to the
Journey's two primary audiences -- "young couples" and "empty nesters."

The interactive programs include homepage takeovers of AOL, Yahoo! and
MSN on April 8, 11 and 12, respectively, with behavioral targeting on HGTV,
Univision, Tremor Media, Revenue Science, and Car and Driver. The Dodge
Journey will also be visible on travel, wellness, finance, sports and
entertainment Web sites that include ABC, NBC, CBS Sportsline, NHL, TNT
NBA, Sports Illustrated, BET Awards and Billboard de la Musica Latina.

In another effort to give hands-on exposure to the brand, the Dodge
brand will also embark on a mobile marketing tour in April. The Dodge Grab
Life Tour will travel to events across the country, including three NASCAR
races. Journey will be the first feature vehicle in this interactive tour
that includes lifestyle activities such as an Internet Cafe, gaming
stations, a brand/launch vehicle trivia game and eShots photos. There will
also be a test track that will provide participants with real world driving
situations, highlighting the product benefits of the full Dodge product

Dodge will also launch a unique promotion in partnership with Time
Inc., called "Dodge Journey of a Lifetime." Consumers will be invited to
register for "can't buy it" experiences that will take four lucky winners
on a compelling journey tied to travel, well-being (spa or active/outdoor),
entertainment/celebrity or sports. Promotional cards will appear in May 12
issues of Time Inc. publications, including Time, People and Sports
Illustrated, and the May 9 issue of Entertainment Weekly. Consumers will be
directed to to enter for the chance to win.
The site will feature four 15- and 30-second promotional spots which will
provide details for each of the trips so consumers can choose the Journey
they would most like to experience.

Television Campaign

Online activities, events and promotional partnerships will be
complemented by television advertising that takes the viewer on an
adventure that only the Dodge Journey can make happen. Building on the
theme "If you can dream it, do it," the Dodge Journey television
commercials will debut on April 8 with two general market television ads
and two multicultural spots -- one targeted at African-Americans and the
other for Hispanics. The spots will feature the world's longest water slide
at nearly 700 feet, animated people, a man climbing the ladder of success
and a woman who meets her ideal man after winning over his dog. A third
general market spot starring members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer
Team will begin airing on April 15.

In the 30-second spot "Water Slide," a Dodge Journey pulls up in an
urban setting on a sweltering hot day. From the Journey's flexible interior
space and unique storage compartments, pieces are unloaded that when put
together build the world's largest water slide. Professional people --
lawyers, stock brokers, etc. -- come out to see what all the commotion is

"Water Slide" will also be produced in a 60-second version that will be
shown before new movie releases starting at the end of April and continuing
through the end of May in more than 1,870 theaters in 186 markets.

"Journey Animates" is a 30-second spot that puts a real Journey in an
animated scene with a highly stylized background. As the vehicle drives
through the spot, an animated family uses various features of the vehicle
like the Flip 'n Stow(TM) in-seat storage, the third row seat and the rear
seat DVD. The spot closes with a value message.

As the current number one team in the world and with a shot at the gold
medal this summer, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team represents what
can happen when you dream. Because the brand's new crossover is all about
making dreams come true, Dodge will become a sponsor of the U.S. Soccer
Federation and the Journey will be the official vehicle of both the Men's
and Women's National Soccer Teams.

Members of the women's team appear in a 30-second television spot
called "Team," which opens on them loading soccer gear into the back of a
Dodge Journey to go on a trip. Starting at their training facility near San
Diego, they drive south, using the Journey's features -- like the Chill
Zone(TM) beverage storage bin -- along the way. In the back, they are
watching replays of their famous 2007 defeat to the Brazilian team on the
rear seat DVD system. But throughout the trip, they are listening to
Portuguese language tapes, repeating the same phrase over and over again.
As they travel, the team takes on anyone who wants to play them. Crossing
the border into South America, they arrive at the Brazilian team's training
center and repeat the now familiar Portuguese phrase to the bewildered
Brazilian team. In the subtitle, the viewer sees the translation of the
phrase -- "We want another game" -- as they unload the equipment from the
back of the Journey. The spot ends with a voiceover that says, "Introducing
the new crossover that's ready for anything. The all-new Dodge Journey."

The African-American 30-second spot, "Shaft," opens on a man, dressed
casually, walking up to his new Dodge Journey parked in front of his modest
apartment. As he gets in, the viewer sees the Journey's interior space and
features like Flip 'n Stow in-seat storage. As he drives through his
neighborhood, the viewer sees the middle part of the frame lift up and
doors appear, closing like an elevator until the next scene. The viewer
then sees the same driver dressed a bit more professionally, leaving his
nicer downtown condo. As before, the middle part of the frame lifts up and
doors appear, again closing like an elevator. In the next scene, the man is
driving through a more suburban neighborhood where he pulls up in front of
his house. The voiceover says, "The higher you go, the sweeter the journey.
Introducing the new crossover that's ready for anything."

The 30-second Hispanic ad, "Mariana," opens on a woman parking her new
Dodge Journey when she sees an attractive man and his dog. The woman knows
the man won't go anywhere without his dog, but the dog is digging holes in
the ground. The woman is deciding between the man or her new car, finally
deciding to pick up the man and his dog. The dog is excited to get in the
car and ready to dig, but discovers the in-floor storage bins, so he calms
down and watches a movie playing on the DVD system. The man says, "I think
my dog likes you." The woman thinks to herself, "It's all about the car."
The announcer closes the spot with, "Introducing the all-new 2009 Dodge
Journey. If you can dream it, do it."

The two general market spots will run on programs such as "Heroes," "30
Rock," "Grey's Anatomy," "My Name is Earl," "House," "CSI:," "Dancing with
the Stars" and "Dateline" as well as on a number of cable and sports

The African-American spots will air on BET, the NBA Playoffs,
"Girlfriends" and "Everybody Hates Chris." Hispanic ads will appear on
Telemundo, Univision and Galavision.

Print Ads

The Dodge Journey print advertising, which includes two different
executions, will begin appearing in the May issues of health and wellness,
entertainment, sports and automotive enthusiast publications that include
People, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Time, ESPN, US and Car and Driver.

The first is a series of single page ads called "Acronym," which can be
tailored with a message that will resonate with a publication's readers,
allowing for maximum flexibility. For example, the headline in one ad
reads, "Get More LPG*." Following copy points about some of the vehicle's
features, the asterisk leads the reader to learn that LPG stands for "Life
per Gallon." For health and wellness publications, the ad reads, "Now with
extra PSPM*," or "personal style per mile." For People magazine's 50 Most
Beautiful People issue, Journey will be represented with an ad that says,
"Comes with More RHM*," meaning "Rotating Heads Per Minute."

The second print execution, consisting of a two-page spread and a
single page ad, focuses on the interior space and flexibility of the new
Journey by comparing it to the floor plan of a house. The headline reads,
"The All-New Journey. Move Right In."

The African-American and Hispanic print advertising features a cutaway
of the Dodge Journey that shows the vehicle's interior space and
flexibility. The headline on the African-American spread says, "Imagine
where your Journey can take you." The Hispanic print ad reads, "For the
passion you feel for disorder."

Multicultural print advertising will be featured in Hispanic
publications that include People en Espanol, Sports Illustrated Latina,
Hispanic and Latina, and African-American titles such as Jet, Ebony, Black
Enterprise and Essence.

Experiential Opportunities

In addition to the Grab Life Tour, Dodge will also launch a guerilla
marketing campaign by taking a fleet of Journeys to the places where people
live, work and play in eight cities, raising awareness, facilitating
interaction with the vehicle and gathering potential handraiser

In addition to being the official vehicle of Women's and Men's National
Soccer Teams, Dodge is partnering with U.S. Youth Soccer to have Journeys
visible at tournaments across the country, distributing snacks and
refreshments. At high traffic tournaments in key Hispanic markets, a ride
and drive experience will also be incorporated.

The Dodge Journey will also be the focus vehicle of the Drive for Kids
events across the country. In partnership with local dealers and school
Parent Teacher Organizations, test drives are held to raise money for the
area school. More than 150 events are scheduled for 2008. Since 1994, more
than 5,000 school events have been held, raising over $2.8 million and
resulting in more than a half million test drives. The money raised goes to
support projects that include educational materials and student enrichment
programs such as computers, library enhancements, field trips and

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