HUMMER launches second-gen HT2 phone overseas

We know what you're thinking: "What I need is a HUMMER phone." Your prayers have been answered, my friend, with the latest mobile communication device branded by the go-anywhere paramilitary truck brand. Like the previous HT1, the new HT2 is made especially for HUMMER by French telecom company ModeLabs. However, unlike it slider predecessor, the HT2 has a solid candy-bar form factory with an all-metal case, its design supposedly inspired by the HUMMER's grille and wheels.

The HUMMER HT2 phone boasts a 176x220 TFT display, a two-megapixel camera, mp3/mp4 player, Java support (take that iPhone!), built-in 11MB memory, microSD (aka transflash) slot, and a full pocket organizer suite plus quad-band GPRS and Bluetooth with A2DP connectivity. All those features amount to HUMMER-grade utility, but unlike the American-oriented truck, the HUMMER phones are sold principally overseas with the HT2 hitting markets in Russia and Latin America before it lands on our shores.


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