Can you hear my HUMMER now? HUMMER HT1 cell phone for the Euro crowd

Automakers continue to take branding to new heights by slapping their logos on everything from computers to speakers to fitness apparel, but HUMMER has gone one step further by introducing the HT1 slider cellphone. Rather than merely affix their iconic logo to some high-end cell phone from South Korea, HUMMER had French design firm ModeLabs Group actually develop a new cell phone from the ground up. You won't be able to find this cell phone from Nokia, Motorola or any other major cell phone manufacturer.

Being a HUMMER branded product, the HT1 can be had in a variety of colors that match the paint chips used for the actual SUVs. One can even get a camouflaged battery pack cover. Perhaps the latter is a nod to the original HUMVEE that still pounds the pavement for the U.S. military.

It seems to be packed with all the bells and whistles including GSM/GPRS connectivity, a 2.2-inch 260K Color TFT Touchscreen, 2-megapixel camera, 256 MB of memory, and a microSD memory card slot. It also comes loaded with 10 wallpapers and two videos from HUMMER, which certainly doesn't help justify the €300 price tag for us. That's around $400 USD, though it doesn't matter much since the HT1 will only be available in Europe, which totally doesn't make any sense.

[Source: MobileBurn]

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