Ford says EcoBoost could save you "hundreds" of dollars a year

Sometimes, it's the modest claims that sound the most honest. Sure, we'd love to have amazing electric cars that can go 250 miles between charges, last for 15 years and cost just $20,000, but that's not going to happen any time soon. Ford's recent announcement that its upcoming EcoBoost fuel-saving system will be able to save a driver hundreds of dollars in fuel costs a year strikes me as something that is not only realistic but also worth getting excited about if you're a Ford fan.

Ford says that the systems potential is to reduce fuel use by 20 percent. Apply that to an annual driving range of 15,000 miles and gas at $3.25 and you'll spend $340 less on gas each year. If that sounds good to you - and you're keen on the Lincoln MKS (pictured) where EcoBoost will debut in 2009 - then start thinking about how to spend your extra $340. Of course, in 2009, we just might need to recalculate that price. $3.25? Not at the rate things are going.

[Source: Ford]

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