Beijing '08 Preview: Buick unveils updated 2009 Excelle for China

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Long-time readers of Autoblog will recall occasional mentions of the Buick Excelle, a small but luxuriously appointed Buick that's only sold in China. It's what the Cadillac Cimarron never was, and the Chinese love it. The little Buick that could is getting updated for 2009 and will make its debut to the Chinese people at the Beijing Motor Show in a couple of weeks. It features a facelift that brings its visiage more in-line with the flagship model for Buick in China, the Holden Statesman-based Park Avenue. While much smaller, the Excelle does give off an air of richness that's surprising considering its underpinnings. It's based on the Chevy/Daewoo Lacetti platform, which also happens to underpin the Suzuki Reno in the U.S. Small world, huh? Changes to the Excelle's exterior appear to include a few extra creases up front, an updated rear end with some nice sculpting around the shoulder line and an improved interior. As good as the Excelle appears, though, we're not sure U.S. consumers are quite ready for a Buick like this.

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