Auction Action: Reynolds' "Tobacco King" Rocket Axle Car on the block

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We're pretty pumped-up about this auction for a 1964 Ford Galaxy from Dana Mecum's Original Spring Classic, running from May 15-18 in Indianapolis, IN. Even if we didn't love the '64 Galaxy as an A/FX drag-car, which we do, the rare Latham axial flow supercharger induction system with quad Carter single-barrel carbs that feed the 425-horsepower 427 Ford big block race motor would seal the deal for us.

Still not impressed? Perhaps you didn't notice the FREAKIN' ROCKET ENGINE hanging off the rear axle! For those unaware, this adds historical significance to this particular Galaxy. The Turbonique Corporation from the roaring-'60s, when literally anything seemed possible, offered what it referred to as a "Turbo Drag Axle" that could add as much as 1,000 horsepower to a drag car using a snail-housing supercharger spinning at up to 92,000 RPM and force-fed N-Propyl Nitrate liquid rocket fuel. Yes you read that right... rocket fuel.

The Galaxy in this auction was built and owned by tobacco heir Zachary Reynolds of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco fame and is referred to as the "Tobacco King". The Turbo Drag Axle hanging off the rear end offers 850 additional horsepower in this application and the car has been souped up to handle the juice with chassis and suspension stiffening. While it's not likely to ever make another pass down the 1,320, with just 3,611 original miles and all of the period-correct modifications, this is one vehicle that deserves to be appreciated for years to come. Thanks for the tip, Trevor!

[Source: Dana Mecum's Original Spring Classic Auction]

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