Flameless combustion could generate power with very low emissions

Until more eco-friendly alternatives become available, most of us are stuck burning fossil-fuels for our power, whether we're driving or just powering the lights in our homes. With that in mind, researchers from the Middle East are working on new ways to reduce the emissions from methane-gas burning turbines for power generation. Using very high heat and very low oxygen levels, Mohamed Sassi of The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dabi, along with Mohamed Hamdi and Hamaid Bentîcha from the National School of Engineers of Monastir in Tunisia, have modeled what is known as flameless combustion, or flameless oxidation (FLOX). This new process could drastically reduce the harmful NOX emissions associated with gas-burning turbines while also being more efficient.
We have hopes that the widespread generation of power could be taken care of with alternatives such as wind, solar and wave power, but since even landfills give off methane gas, technology such as this could prove very useful in the future.

[Source: Science Daily]

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