Carroll Shelby sued by Unique Performance customers

Carroll Shelby has seen it all. He's raised chickens and flew planes in WWII. He's raced in Formula One and partnered with all three of America's automakers. And then some. At 85 years old, Shelby deserves praise – like the Automotive Executive of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards the iconic muscle-car guru is set to receive this year. But what is he getting instead? Sued.

Frustrated by their misfortune with the ongoing Unique Performance saga, a group of customers are trying to sue Shelby to get their money back on classic Shelby Mustangs that they ordered from the now defunct company but never received. Shelby licensed his name to Unique Performance for restored pony cars, but seeing the writing on the wall early, severed ties with the company shortly thereafter. Either way, Unique Performance was at fault for its own screw-ups, not Shelby. Yet the plaintiffs are arguing that "no one would have ordered these cars if it wasn't for Carroll Shelby." That may be the case, and we can understand the disappointed customers' frustrations. But leave Grandpa Carroll alone. Thanks for the tip, Ralph!


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