Unique Performance auction hauls in $1 million+, not enough

The ongoing saga at Unique Performance came to another disappointing conclusion this past weekend when the remaining shells and equipment were unceremoniously auctioned off. The 40 former employees of Unique Performance (plus another 100 that were also owed cash) were hoping that the proceeds from the fire sale would be enough to cover their back-pay -- unfortunately, that wasn't the case. All told, the auction brought in $1,037,000, of which $900,000 was instantly taken by the feds to clear UP's outstanding debts. That left $137k for the unemployed workers, or about $978 per person – what we're guessing is just a drop in the bucket for both what they're owned and the legal fees they've amassed since Unique Performance went belly-up last November.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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