VIDEO: Pontiac G8 embarrasses BMW 5-Series in internet ad

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This is the part where we say, "Oh, snap!" An interesting internet video hosted on the PontiacIsCAR YouTube channel, which makes it at least semi-official, pits the Pontiac G8 GT against the BMW 550i in a 1-minute, 21-second-long homage to the quick cut. Seriously, we've seen MTV promos that keep an image onscreen longer than this video. Obviously, the G8 GT is made to look good in this epileptic seizure-inducing vid, coming in at half the price than the BMW, but being faster, more powerful and offering more interior space. It's a clever vid, though not as good as the Pontiac G8 Spy Hunter commercial, which is awesome on an epic scale. Rather, this little ad goes after the Bavarian brand with a blatant disregard for the premium image that BMW has earned over the years by actually building the Ultimate Driving Machine in every segment that it competes. Sure, BMWs cost a pretty premium over comparable cars, but when was the last time – before the G8 arrived – that Pontiac could claim it actually built excitement? Take a chill pill over there, Pontiac. The G8's a good car, just let it ride. Thanks for the tip, Jake!

[Source: YouTube]

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