VIDEO: Pontiac G8 invades Spy Hunter, circa 1983

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Before all you East Coasters go to lunch, we had to show you what in our estimation is the BEST car commercial of the year so far. Pontiac knows its demographic well when it combines our lust for classic video games with our deep desire for cheap horsepower and rear-wheel-drive sport sedans. For a guy in his late twenties (like myself), hearing the intro from Baltic Midway's Spy Hunter triggers a pavlovian response that's too great to resist. Keep watching as the 2-D sprites you remember from the Reagan era tilt into the glorious third dimension, and instead of the G-6155 Interceptor you're expecting, out of the semi tractor trailer backs a Pontiac G8. To our addled minds warped by video games for over two decades now, the commercial proves emphatically that the G8 can outclass fictitious bad guy cars. Score one for Pontiac, consider us engaged. Follow the jump to experience nostalgic bliss. Thanks for the tip, Josh!

BONUS: Totally avoid work today by clicking here to play the original Spy Hunter online, as well as other classic video games from your youth.

[Source: Joystiq]

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