Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond plugs the Th!nk City

Many of you know Richard Hammond from the very popular and amusing show about all things automotive from Britain called Top Gear. Did you know that he is also a columnist for the UK tabloid The Mirror? Neither did I, but apparently that is indeed the case and has been since 2004. On Fridays he "gives his expert insight into the world of motoring, while on Saturday he gives his own irreverent take on the week's news," according to the Mirror's website.
The reason I bring this up is because he did a piece the other day on the electric Th!nk city car which is coming to England. In the past, Top Gear has not been especially kind to other electric vehicles they've featured, so I was surprised that he seems to be quite upbeat about the Th!nk. Of course, he hasn't driven it yet but says, "I'll no doubt give the THINK a go..." Hopefully if he does, he'll refrain from blowing it up.

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[Source: The Mirror]

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