Video: Jeremy Clarkson reviews G-Wiz

Below the fold is a video of Jeremy Clarkson, of the TV show Top Gear, reviewing the all electric G-Wiz. The review of the G-Wiz starts at 2 minutes 45 seconds after Jeremy makes fun of French sport cars. Highlights from the review of the G-Wiz include a race between the G-Wiz and a table, which ends very much like Top Gear's race between Jason and the Th!nk electric car.

Jeremy says the G-Wiz has no redeeming features and that God has not created a creature that can fit in the back seat. You drive the G-Wiz to save the world, Jeremy explains, because we used to have such nice weather. He, of course, is being sarcastic because British weather sucks. He then suggests people "buy a Range Rover and warm this country up." I doubt the results of the crash test between the table and G-Wiz because the table never moved.

The review ends at 7 minutes with Jeremy, for the second time, suggesting you get a table instead of a G-Wiz. After 7 minutes Jeremy goes back to insulting the French. Watch it after the jump.

This isn't a new video, and you can buy the DVD from Amazon UK.

[Source: Gametrailers]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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