Stolen donut van chased by cops, LOTS of cops

Whatever you do,kids, do not steal a donut truck and try to drive that bad boy through Tama County, Iowa. They will make it positively rain police on you. Frank Alvarado found this out the hard way when he stole a donut van from a Donut Delite driver on his rounds, and ended up on a five-and-a-half-hour run from the law.
Alvarado stole the van from Rock Island Hospital in Illinois, and then took off into Iowa, getting to Tama County before he was spotted. Before he could say "Sprinkles!", the donut thief was being pursued by five Tama County sheriff's deputies, plus four more officers from three other police agencies. And get this: one of those other officers came in his personal vehicle. As we said, you don' t mess with the donuts in Tama County. Their reward for catching this criminal: all the donuts in the van.

Actually, we really want to get Mr. Alvarado's side of the story in this, because who steals a donut (!) truck and then hauls tail hundreds of miles west? Sounds like a Cannonball Run... or something... But we feel like Franky "The Donuts" Alvarado is the key to a story even better than this one. Thanks for the tip, Alberto!

[Source: WCF Courier]

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