uShip partners with TerraPass for environmentally conscious shipping

Earlier this year, TerraPass sold its 100,000th sticker. The momentum to offset a vehicle's carbon emissions continues, and you can now participate in the program even if you're not in your car
uShip is a shipping service, and can help you move a vehicle when you need to get it somewhere but don't have the time or money to move it yourself. uShip also offers more traditional shipping options (think pianos or moving furniture), and it's this side of the company that partnered up with TerraPass. uShip's trucks now sport the TerraPass sticker (if I'm reading things correctly) which makes using the service carbon neutral.

uShip's Adam Greenspan told AutoblogGreen that the TerraPass partnership "is an effort to reduce the environmental impact of shipping. uShip also makes the shipping industry more efficient by filling empty cargo space and back hauls." Nothing that other shippers aren't trying (see here or here), but every time someone makes a greener decision, I'm pretty sure an angel gets its wings.

[Source: Adam G. of uShip]

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