Rumormill: twin-turbo V10 BMW supercar coming in 2012

Mercedes has the SLR McLaren. Audi has the R8. Porsche has the 911 Turbo and GT2. Only BMW is lacking a range-topping supercar, so how does the Bavarian automaker carry the mantle of "the Ultimate Driving Machine"? If the latest reports are to be believed, BMW may finally be coming around and producing a successor to the long gone but not forgotten M1 supercar.
Unlike its predecessor, the anticipated BMW sports car would be more nose-heavy than tail-happy, with a twin-turbo version of the M5's glorious V10 producing an estimated 625 hp from its position up front and, of course, driving the rear wheels. The chassis would draw on BMW's success with the Sauber team in Formula One and feature full carbon-fiber construction, as well as such high-end performance components as carbon-ceramic brakes and Kevlar bucket seats, substantially cutting down weight compared with the gargantuan M6 coupe. Sticker price would be an appropriately exotic €300,000, although a (relatively) lower-end version with a twin-turbo V8 could also be considered for substantially less.

[Source: Auto Zeitung via Motor Authority]

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