REPORT: Land Rover to build the LRX

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We've big fans of the Land Rover LRX concept's styling, which looked as good in black (unveiled in Geneva) as it did in the original white (unveiled in Detroit). So we're suitably pleased by reports that Land Rover is preparing to build the vehicle, which could get the nameplate Freelander Sport in keeping with the nomenclature already set in place by the Range Rover Sport.

The production LRX would target the likes of the upcoming BMW X1 and Audi Q5 (and potentially the Porsche Roxster), while offering a range of eco-friendly engine options that help Land Rover reduce its overall environmental impact. Such powertrain possibilities could include a 2.2-liter diesel and 3.2-liter gasoline inline-six with the potential for start-stop technology and even a hybrid system. Although the Freelander Sport would be oriented towards on-road driving dynamics, we wouldn't expect it to compromise the brand's legendary off-road prowess as much as recent offerings from Jeep. Reports place the production LRX on the road as early as 2010, and we hope much of the show car's dramatic styling would remain in place as the Land Rover rides the rocky road from concept to production.

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