Lane splitting in California - for or against?

California residents are likely quite familiar with the act of lane splitting, when a motorcycle passes through the flow of traffic in-between slowly moving cars. Lane splitting is only allowed when lanes are divided by dotted white lines, and traffic has to be moving very slowly or stopped. While many car drivers hate it when a motorcycle passes between them, the act of lane splitting is legal in California, and was originally implemented as a safety measure. Now, though, many riders choose to commute on motorcycles because they can get around much more quickly due to their ability to avoid traffic jams. Consider how much pollution is saved too, as idling cars are still emitting exhaust despite the fact that they are not going anywhere.

Take a look at the video here for more details on lane splitting, and feel free (as always) to comment on how you feel about lane splitting - for or against.

[Source: NBC San Diego]

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